We are absolutely delighted that you have decided to make us a part of your Christmas memories. To help you in making the most out of a visit from Santa Claus, we have prepared a list of suggestions. We are always happy to discuss any way that we can help make your event a success, so feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have.

Have your Cameras Ready!

Make sure that everyone who wishes to take photos brings their cameras with them, charged and ready to go. Bring extra batteries just in case. A day or two prior to your event, have in mind where you will have Santa sit and take some test photos. Play with the lighting etc. to make sure you get the best-looking pictures you can. Remember that its best not to rely on flash as this can sometimes contribute to “red-eye”.

Consider Santa’s Arrival

Through our experience, we have found that having Santa arrive where he cannot be immediately seen by your guests adds for a more dramatic effect and really helps children develop that sense of wonder and sparkle in their eyes. It also helps that children not see Santa arrive in a regular old car. True that Santa is good at explaining why he didn’t bring his sleigh and reindeer, but sometimes its best if he doesn’t have to. We do everything we can to make sure that the experience is magical and adds to the wonderment of Christmas.

Have Gifts Ready

Santa is always happy to hand out presents or candy to your guests should you provide them. However, Santa’s toy bag is only so big and Santa himself is only so strong. Please take that into consideration and try not to have any more gifts than will fit in a 50-gallon garbage sack. Gifts should be clearly labeled with each child’s name. If some of the names are hard to pronounce or have a funky spelling, please address this with Santa before the event. No child wants to hear Santa mispronounce their name. Also, if you are providing gifts for Santa to hand out, please make sure that there is a gift for each and every child, regardless of which list they might fall on. It is a good idea to have a few extra just in case unplanned guests arrive.

Staying in Character

During the visit, Santa will not under any circumstances break character. Again, we aim to create the most magical event that we can. Please refrain from asking Santa questions that might lead him to break character, such as, “how long have you been portraying Santa?” or “where did you get your costume?”. It is important that the adults at the event treat me as Santa Claus and not someone that “plays” Santa Claus. Additionally, please remember that Santa is a wholesome, child-oriented figure. Please instruct your guests to not compromise that image by having Santa hand out “adult” gifts or behaving in a lewd manner either with or in the presence of Santa. Help us at the Idaho Falls Santa Claus keep the wonder of Christmas alive for you and yours.

A Place to Sit

Folding chairs, plastic chairs, or low chairs (like the kind you sink into) are not ideal for a Santa visit. He needs a sturdy, stable chair that can allow for his upper leg to be parallel to the floor while siting. This gives a more stable base to sit for those who wish to do so. Even a sturdy dining type chair with no arms will work.


Timing is everything. Most home visits only last for about 30 minutes, make the most of your time with Santa. Make sure that everyone is gathered together before Santa arrives. His contracted minutes begin the moment he gets to the door. Gathering everyone from scattered parts of the house or building wastes precious minutes. Santa is happy to call or text around five minutes prior to arrival. Please make arrangements if this is something you desire. This can also be your cue to have someone be ready for when Santa arrives. Additionally, if you have gifts for Santa to hand out, having a little help getting them into Santa’s toy bag is always welcome.

Santa’s Priorities

Santa desires t give his full attention to each child, not managing an “operation”. If you happen to have a large group of children to see Santa, have someone coordinate the children so they each get a turn. This person can also check for dirty hands and help get children clean if needed. They can also help to ease nerves and help pose the children for photos. Santa usually brings his head elf with him, so please make arrangements ahead of time if you have someone in your group that you would rather have play the part of “elf”.

Conclusion of the Visit

Santa cannot be a clock-watcher but is usually quite busy most days during the holiday season and therefore needs to make sure that he leaves each visit on time. If the Hostess/Host notices that time is running short, a quick interjection of “how about a story” is a good way to signal the end of a visit. Santa loves to read the Night Before Christmas but will read any Christmas story the hostess/host wishes. If there happens to be a balance due to Santa, place it inside a card or envelope and say that it is a Christmas card from you or something to that effect.

Thank you again for choosing the Idaho Falls Santa to be a part of your very Merry Christmas!


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