"Professional and witty, this guy knows how to entertain at a party PLUS his Mrs. Claus makes sure he's always dressed to the 9's with her handmade suits. If you want a magical experience, don't hesitate to book."

    -Stuart Deacon Junior, 2018

"Our long time (18 years) Santa passed away a few years ago. We have had 3 different Santa's..all of whom were terrible. Santa Stuart is amazing. His costume is gorgeous, his beard is real and very nice. The kids big and small loved him. He sang a song with the kids, read them a book, and visited with the kids afterwards. He was easy to work with. We will definitely be booking him from here on out."

   -Chris Hillman, 2018

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Santa was awesome!!! We will use him again. His robe was authentic and his demeanor was so sweet! He was the perfect choice!

-June Lockhart, 2018

He was great and I received so many compliments on what a beautiful Santa I found. He was sweet and so believable.

-June Lockhart, 2019

The Idaho Falls Santa did a great job
For our event. He arrived on time and he looked like real deal. Even better he was so sweet and patient with each child. My 4 year old was hesitant to sit on his lap, but Santa kept smiling and waving at him throughout the evening. Before he left, my kiddo was on his lap smiling and laughing and telling him just what he wanted for Christmas.i would hire him again!

-Kellie Budge, -2019


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